Why I love summer

As I sit shivering under my winter flannel duvet,  I’m dreaming of Summer.  Yes I know it’s almost 5 full months away but I love Summer.
Why Summer ?

Warm weather.

There is nothing better than the feel of a warm sun beating down on you as you you stroll the prominade or walk the beach. 

Longer days

Oh Cape Town how I love your late sunsets and long days. Summer is my most productive months as I feel , subconsciously , that my days are longer. Yes, I’m aware that there are still only 24 hours to the day but when the sun only sets at 8pm I manage to get more done .

Walks, walks and more walks

Who doesn’t love to be outside?  Summer allows you to take long walk’s on the beach , at a park or even just to the shop. Yes I could proverbly walk in Winter too but dressing like a snowman and freezing to my core doesn’t really inspire the get up and go in me.

The beach

I’m a beach bum and have been known to sit on the dunes on a winters day slightly frozen . I love the beach so naturally Summer time is the best time to go down to your beach. 


I never need a reason for a picnic.  Summer just makes me want to pack a picnic daily and find a quiet spot to enjoy nature.


Not a big fan of the braai,  and everyone said Whaaaaaaaat?. I do however love the smell of a fire on a warm evening and not having to cook 

Summer fruit

Fresh berries,  watermelons, spanspeck,  nectarines …..ooooooh drooling I could go on. The soft pulpy bites of summer fruit ….Delish! 


Christmas is my favourite holiday and I have lots of fond Christmas memories of family, fun and laughter.

So for me it’s Summer. ..what’s your favourite season ? 


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