My skincare routine

I sort of laughed when I chose this topic to write about. Not because I don’t enjoy spending hours making myself feel like a beauty queen but because I’m a mom….most days I’m lucky if I get into the bathroom let alone spend 4 hours making myself presentable. 

So, fellow mamas here’s how my skin care routine works. 

Wake up and splash cold water on face. Brush teeth . 

Settle bear and when I have a few spare moments. ..

Apply a small bit of Clicks anti aging face wash to my hands. Wipe into skin and rinse off with warm water. Wipe over face with Clicks anti aging toner on a cotton wool pad and apply Clicks anti aging moisteriser.  I never forget the Clicks anti aging eye cream . (It does wonders for those sleepless nights) 

I don’t wear foundation and hardly wear make up so I don’t need a make up remover to remove the old make up at night. Occasionally I’ll remember I have night cream and apply .

Ive used a lot of products over the years and my two tips would be …

Never use a beauty soap on your face.  Always have a decent face wash. This doesn’t need to cost a fortune (mine is R79 a bottle) it just needs to be the correct formula for your face.

If you feel down or tired , wipe your face with freshly cut pieces of cucumber. This refreshes and tones your skin instantaneously.


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