Macrame swing …review 

I love anything boho and handmade so you can imagine my delight when I stumbled onto Knot a Dream’s gorgeous facebook page.

I fell instantaneously in love and ordered a wedding backdrop with a tree of life macrame dream catcher as the centre.
But it was the baby swing that blew me away the most ….

Two days later I had the pleasure of meeting Rosinne,  the creator of these masterpieces and her husband Alan.

Wow! What amazing people …. this dynamic dueo are punctual and organised. 
Bear received his swing and I was even more impressed in real life , as the photos do not do the hours of patient knotting justice.

A strong sturdy base that he will be able to use until he is at least 3 or 4 years old. 

It’s self standing when not hung and can be folded down and stored neatly. 
The rope is neatly decorated and the 4 strong rope strands are securely knotted to ensure babies safety when hung.

I hung ours in a small tree and it held bears 10kg weight with ease. I felt safe placing bear in the string and it was great to see that even though he placed his head through the strings, with his legs between the seat strap he couldn’t easily fall through.  The seat also remained stable as I placed him in and out of the swing.
The precision in each knot of the design is meticulous and the beauty of this product , hanging through the green branches , would enhance even the drabbest of gardens. 

He , of course , was delighted and would have stayed all day in his swing. I have since hung it near our washing line so that he can safely swing whilst this mamma hangs the washing.😋

For more info and to view their beautiful products contact


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