The Game for Humanity cards

As I scrolled through Facebook a few weeks ago a post for Game for Humanity caught my eye…..I had to know more.
After a quick glance of the Facebook page, I knew this was an initiative i wanted to be involved in.

Since having Bear I don’t seem to find the time to give back as much and this was a great way for me to do small tokens of kindness and hopefully make a positive impact on those around me.

 The cards were designed with the idea of everyone being able to do a big of good and make people smile by completing small tasks.
The object is to make the world , or at least a few people in it happy. You chose a card complete the task and pass the card onto the next person who does the same , thus keeping the positive circle going. 

The Game for Humanity is well presented in a convenient card pack (easy to keep on your bag or car) and sells for just R100.

I was happy to see a school version to encourage children to be kind to one another. 

To order your own set contact


Or call 0722371513


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