Game for Humanity challenge week 1

For week 1 I randomly chose the card ….

Spend quality time with a family member 

After sharing our card on Facebook I rounded the kids together and announced our task. 

I expected much resistance and was eagerly greeted with shouts of “can I see the card ” and surrounded by the sounds of selfies been taken. 

My normally photo reluctant family shone out for photos throughout the weekend, showing ways they spent time with each other.

Selfie time

As for us , we all jumped into the car on Saturday morning after a visit from Bbear, to go watch papa play soccer. 

Bbear Kiki and bear
In the car

It was a great day and both monkey and kiki chose to spend quality time with bear in their own ways.

Kiki by pushing bear on his bike.

Bonding time

And monkey by showing bear cartoons on his phone.

Brotherly love

Sunday we got a suprize visit from Dbear and his friend who posed with our card to prove they spent time with us 😂😂

I am still delighted in how much effort the kids pit into the challenge and can’t wait for Sundays new card.

Join us on Sunday on our Facebook page for the new task.

#funmammasa #GameForHumanity #30weekrandomactsofkindnesschallenge 


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