Life lessons learnt…

What I’ve learnt along my journey…

1 I am stronger than I ever thought I was.
2. Even at my weakest moments I am stronger than those who try to bring me down -because I keep getting up!
3. Strength comes from love , never from anger ,pain, or revenge.
4. Its ok to feel weak and vunerable -just don’t stay there.
5. The only person you can rely on is yourself. 
6. Value your friendships and those you love.
7. Make the time to show how much you care. Always show your love. Often the words are not enough.
8. Be kind to everyone –we all have our own crosses to carry.
9. Do it now! Tomorow is not guaranteed. Now is all you have.
10. Set realistic goals but dream big . Achieve one step at a time , and soon your dreams will become a reality.
11. Be an adventurer —if you want something , get it. Its only impossible if you believe it is.
12. If you can’t get to the mountain, get the mountain to you -there’s no obstacles you can’t tackle with the right approach.
13. Smile -it has the haters wondering why you so happy and it opens you to new friendships and opportunities.
14. Start each day in gratitude , acknowledging the blessings in your life.
15. Never take a positive attitude for granted. Positively is the energy your soul requires to sing.
16. Take every opportunity that presents itself to you -if it changes your life , it was meant to. 
17. Never loose faith ……it is your inner sanctuary.
18. Be the reason for others smiles, help those you can , loose yourself in the service of others -you will gain more than you ever gave.
19. Look at life through a child’s eyes -experience the wonder and joy in everything.
20. Remember to play -life is not always serious. 
21. Happiness can not be bought or acquired. It does not come gift wrapped or on a gift card. True happiness comes from a healthy mind , body and spirit. It starts with inner acceptance.
22. Its ok to be sad. Its ok to cry . It signifies you are real enough to show your emotions.
23. Pretenses and lies have a way of catching up to you -why be ashamed of your authentic amazing wonderful self? 
24. Jealousy , anger , revenge , pain  are inner expressions of what you feel about yourself. Love yourself enough to let it go.
26. Forgiveness is the selfish act of healing yourself. You deserve to be whole. 
26. Be humble -we are made of the same dirt we will return to. 
27. Respect and tolerance will take you much further than any networking you may do . Treat others as you want them to treat you or don’t moan when you have enemies.
28. Integrity is staying true to your inner moral compass. 
29. Values are important. They define your path. 
30. No matter how much you mess up or how low you feel you have sunk -it Can be fixed. If it can’t be fixed -it wasn’t worth trying to fix it to start with.
31. The grass is only green where you water it. 
32. Don’t take people for granted ever. People have a way of forgetting everything except how you make them feel. 
34. There is power in the words thank you, I’m sorry, I love you and a sincere are you ok? 
35. Nothing is more beautiful than an honest compliment , a kind word , a true friend or a shoulder to cry on.
36. Don’t underestimate the power of nature to heal your soul .


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