6 creative numbers for a birthday party 

As bear celebrates his first birthday in September I’ve been trolling Pintrest and party sites looking for ideas to make his first birthday a fabulous memory.

Along the way I came across these 6 adorable ideas that can be adjusted for any party and age.
1 photo collage

Use your little ones age and a group of photos taken that year to design a collage to represent the number of years they turning.

2 cookie cutter cake sprinkles

Using the correct number cookie cutter as a stencil, place cutter onto an iced cake and fill with sprinkles to form your child’s age.

3 balloon age door decoration

Let your friends know which house is hosting the party by spelling out your little ones age on the door with balloons. I find using a strong tape like insulation tape works better than clear sellotape.

4 number cake topper

From card cut your child’s age and glue onto a sosati stick. Use this as a cake topper or decorations in jars on the table.

5 tissue fluff puff birthday sign

OK so I couldn’t resist the name….all those puffs reminded me of the 80s but this is a fantastic decor item. Scrunch up tissues of tissue paper squares to look like puffs and glue onto a cardboard cut out number.

6 lego door sign

This one is great for older kids , lego or Mine craft party ideas. Use a baseboard and design your child’s age on it. Older kids can do this themselves. Use a glue gun to attach ribbon to hang.

Happy party planning mammas.


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