15 Things I’ve learnt as an older mom

The thought of babies in my forties not only scared the hell out of me but also made me rethink motherhood.

I love my children but I was honestly not sure I could go back to the beginning and start again.

Then came bear!

And as much as I love my children equally and I thoroughly enjoyed their childhood and baby years, I’m loving and savouring each and every moment with bear. 

So, when someone asked why I haven’t had a babysitter for him in the last 9 months I felt the need for this blog.

Here are the things I’ve learnt as an older mom

1. They growquickly

Even in the last nine months I see the growth in bear ,but as the mom of adult children I’ve witnessed first hand how your tiny baby is in the blink of an eye a grown adult with a life of their own.

2. Savour the moment

Because of this I’m able to enjoy and savour each moment of bears life. From the temper tantrums to the gummy kisses. 

3. Little people are miraculous

Do you know how amazing babies are? In their first year they’ve mastered most of the fundamental concepts of life. From helpless little creature their brains soon respond to stimuli allowing them to use their hands, learn to eat, walk, communicate and think. Wow!

4. Celebrate everything

Knowing this , shouldn’t we be celebrating each and every one of their marvelous milestones? 

5. Keepsakes are important

So mammas keep those momentoes . Take those photos . One day, sooner than you think, you are going to want those memories.

6.Fall in love

You will never spoil your baby with love and attention …ever! Your child relies on this to feel safe and secure. Fall in love with your child …it’s ok to want to spend time with your child.

7. Parenting is a private journey …you can’t parent wrong if you doing your best.

It doesn’t matter what your parenting style. Don’t let others try to judge you. Simply be the best mama you know how to be and love your baby .

8. Cosleeping is not bad

Co-sleeping is not a bad thing. Baby is new to this large world and relies on you for warmth and comfort. 

9. Babies dont destroy relationships

A baby is hard work and there some days if gets pretty messy in the trentches but your child can not destroy a relationship that isn’t already damaged. It’s immature parents that destroy relationships.

10.stay calm

The calmer you are the more content baby is . Find a way to remain calm in the tantrums,  long nights and cries . Remember these don’t last forever and baby needs you to lead and guide him.

11. You will lose friendsand thats ok

You will lose friends as a new parent and that’s ok. Not everyone in your journey will remain for every season. People tend to keep to their comfort zone and yours has just grown . Not everyone will understand or appreciate your new inner growth and maternal instincts.

12. Love and respect your partner

After all he is in this along side you. Your baby needs you both as a team and needs to see the love and respect in order to feel secure and one day mimic his parents love.

13. Baby talk is for dummies

Babies are smart and should be treated that way. They also rely on mama to speak to them about their day , environment and the world around them. Teach them correct vocabulary by introducing real words.

14  gratitude is key

Be greatful for the sleepless nights and the cuddles.  Be greatful for the moments that you feel overwhelmed as much as you are for the happy moments. There are many angel mommies who would trade, in a heartbeat ,
for a fussing baby to cuddle…be greatful for your blessings

15. Housework can wait.

One day the house will be immaculate, the dishes in their place, no more sound of little screeches and bubbles on the bathroom floor. So , stop mama …take time to play , read and sing. Build that lego castle or paint that picture .yes we want a clean house but we want happy children more 😍


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