Mamma brag post …. meet the bears

I was hunting through my trillions of Facebook albums looking for pics of everyone to put onto coat racks I’m having made with our photos on.

Firstly i discovered …. I take a lot of photos

And secondly its really hard to chose just one image of each child.

So I thought I’d do a little brag post and introduce you to my bears.

Tbear is the eldest at 25.

Music man is her fiance.

DBear is 22 .

SBear is 21 in August

BBear is 19

Monkey is 16

Kiki is 14 next Monday

and little bear is 10 months old.


Cloud bottle

I found this stunning experiment for kiddies online and wanted to try it with bear.

For older kids you can show them how the colours blend and mix to form a new colour.

But for bear I just wanted him to see the colours mixing and enjoy the experience.

He sat dead still as he watched what his mamma was doing. Huge grins as i squeezed the foam out the can.

I have to admit I’m sure he thought we were baking when he saw the food colouring lol

After I’d managed to squeeze enough foam on top of the water in my jar, I dropped different colours onto the top of the foam and we watched as the food colouring floated gently to the bottomof the jar through the foam cloud and fused to form a new colour,

Shaving cream sensory fun

Bear loves sensory play activities and the mushier the better.

Yesterday after our cloud experiment, we used some of the shaving cream on a cutting board and bear got his fingers all Mooshy rubbing the shaving cream into the board,his leg and the mat …it’s a good thing shaving cream doesn’t stain .

100 day countdown

Today marks an official 100 days until we say I do

As time slowly ticks by I feel less and less prepared.

Not for marriage … we’ve been living together long enough for our wedding to be an official seal on our commitment to one another.

For the actual ceremony !!!!!!!

Who knew that planning a wedding could be so exciting sentimental, nerve wracking ,daunting and exhausting all at once.

Just the logistics are enough to make you scream and then there’s matching everything to its colour scheme and the nightmare of a seating plan.

Oh my garter in a muddle.

Thank heaven’s you only get married …twice (in our case)

So with 100 days to go I can safely say …I still don’t have a dress and am starting to panic that I may run down the aisle naked if i don’t find one soon 😂😂😂😂

But I did find this awesome timer at Mr price home to watch my hours tick away ….

Focus groups

Friday was a particular busy day for me as I find most Fridays are.

Getting started

Bear and I headed to the Tower products focus group in Muizenberg. It’s a long drive from our home in Tableview and we left early to get there on time. Thankfully the school’s were still on holiday and so traffic was minimal.


We arrived half an hour early and grabbed a quick MacD coffee. Watching the clock we waited till 8.20 , i then loaded bear in his pram and we headed to the venue for our next 4 hours.

Immediately as i got to the door , a gentleman opened for us. Which was awesome , as you know its a science all its own just getting the pram through a door you jamming open with your foot.

The smiling receptionist greeted us and within seconds bear and I were seated watching the small river and birds through the large glass windows .

Getting to work

We were soon ushered up to a stunning board room and the other 3 members and myself took our name tags and seats around the large round table, sunlight shone through the glass window panes that spawned the space of the walls.

The amazing vibrant ladies running the group took time to introduce themselves to us and brought us up to speed with some product knowledge.

Focus group

To those not familiar with focus groups , they are basic informal gatherings of a target market where opinions are asked to gather information to aid in marketing of products .

I love focus groups and am like a child at Christmas when invited to participate in one.

I think for me it allows my inner creative streak out and I get to express how I feel, use of my marketing and sales experience ,to share ideas and brainstorm .


As we became more accustomed to one another and less shy we opened up more and very soon ideas, opinions and products were flying across the table between giggles, laughter.

It really was one of the most fun focus groups I’ve attended in a while.

Where was bear?

Well,while this mamna tried to express her thoughts and opinion, bear was crawling under the table , being turned around on the chair, held in my arms , moved from bin and plugs and entertained with his own yellow Toby tower dragon.


Yes ….they feed you too. Lunch was a delicious medley of snacks and sooooooo much cake. Bear tucked into my plate of food and followed lunch with a yummo cream pie.

Goody bags

Just when you thought it doesn’t get better, we were rewarded with stunning Tower product samples in our stylish black and yellow goodie bags,

The best part was inside our bags were little yellow Toby tower dragons to take home and cuddle.

She devil

Friday we were in Muizenberg waiting to meet a woman whom I was buying some second hand wedding decor from.

We sat in the car, radio softly playing and bear Asleep in the back seat.

Friendly waves

I looked up and saw a young girl , in her teens maybe early twenties smiling and waving at us. By her enthusiasm i assumed this was the woman we were meeting, and Pappa rolled down the window.

As she came closer I noticed her thinly worn demin jacket and grungy clothing. Her hair was slightly unkempt and her eyes glased over.

Then came the speech

Without ceremony she saw her chance and jumped right in with her well thought out speach

“Hi. Do you guys have a fourteen rand for me to get something to eat.?”

Papa and I looked at one another. It was obvious this young girl had no intention of eating and I’m sure by the state of her eyes she was looking for a fix of sorts.

Before we could answer she spat out …

“This is very embarrassing for me ” and tried to conjour up a false set of tears.


By now I’d about had enough and politely told her we didn’t have any money on us at all.

She continued to beg “How about seven? ” “what about five?”

A stern NO! Sent her on her way and we continued to wait for my mason jars and cake knives.

Flashing fingers

Not long after we’d sent our young friend on her way she came past skipping. We remarked that she must have found her donation of happiness and as i looked up found our princess of scquallor flashing us a huge double finger whilst she skipped away.


I should ”ve been revolted or upset but the mom in me kept seeing a young rebellious child doing what they can for attention.

I’ve had way too many rebellious teen moments to concern myself over a finger.

And , most teens believe they right …. she clearly believed we were wrong for not giving her what she demanded, hadn’t earned and did not belong to her.

As a mom i hope she learns her lessons soon before life teaches her the hard way,