Has ball will play

Those of you who have been reading my soccer sagas will know that soccer season is in full swing …Oh joy ! ( and my eyes roll back as I sigh)

For us this means papa and his team mates train on a Wednesday night (and mama crafts, plays with bear and tries to catch up on bloggers admin) and then plays games EVERYTHING Saturday afternoon.

I try to attend each game with papa for support even though my mind is secretly making shopping lists and blog post schedules. The winter weather isn’t always kind to us and so we now gauge if we attending by how fast the Cape winds are blowing.

Two weeks ago I took bear , Kiki and monkey to watch papa play. As the older bears went off and did their teenage thing bear accustomed himself to the slightly damp grassy floor he was crawling on.

I left him , as a little mud and grass stains is good for a boys soul. 

Next moment a soccer ball appears (one of the kids behind us had kicked it towards us) and off went bear. 

The ball was far too big for him but this didn’t stop him …he crawled at lightning speed towards the ball. Once he had his treasure in his sight he pushed it and crawled after it, the sound of happy boy giggles escaping him.

And there you have it ….

Like father like son

Has ball must play …sigh! I don’t think my soccer watching days are over 


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