Bear meets the Durecell bunny 

One Saturday afternoon in the land of mommy chores , bear and I headed off to go find vanilla milkshake mix (which I still haven’t found )

There we were in our local Pick n Pay , casually walking down aisle 4 when out of the corner of my eye I spotted the huge fluffy frame of a familiar bunny.

As we got closer to our pink pal bear started chatting away , obviously quite delighted that one of his soft toys had come to life. 

Giggling to myself , I kept thinking just wait till I put you near him …then you going to scream.

My experience has taught me that most kids scream blue murder at huge fluffy toys moving, mall Santa’s and those large birthday mascots.

I wanted the photo of bear and the bunny and really hoped he’d let me get at least one pic before screaming. …

I lifted him gently into the bunny’s arms (thank you to the patient young man under the suit who held bear so gently) and getting my camera ready , prepared to grab him back the minute he went “whaaaaa”


Not one sound. Bear lay gently looking up in awe. Softly touching the bunnies mouth. I was dumbound. 


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