6 Wedding keepsakes that won’t break the bank 

Weddings are expensive ! With venue hire and catering alone you can break the bank before you get to the dress. Then there’s decor, flowers , invites and bridal party outfits ….before you know it you’ve exhausted your budget,  cut gown your dream wedding and forgotten about the wedding favours.

Relax , below are some cost effective wedding keepsake ideas that won’t break the bank .

Wedding wish band
For this you need to print the wish onto thin card , cut out and punch holes. Next buy a thin thread from a bead store and tie a knot. Attach to the card. Guests will love the idea of joining you in tying the knot.

Love is sweet
Print some tags made with the love is sweet saying and attach them to little packets of homemade fudge,coconut ice or chocolates.

Or you could print this onto some small cake bags and full with homemade biscuits.who doesn’t love a sweet treat?

Beach in a bottle
These are my favourite and I’m making them as favours for our wedding. I’m having small stickers printed with our date and location. We also using sand, shells and sea water from the actual beach where we having the ceremony. Let your guests take a forever memory home .

Thank you stones
Paint beach stones with acrylic paint and use perminent markers to write the details on. This is virtually free and the most effort would be collecting the stones znd painting them.

Coffee cup 
I love this idea and will be gifting our photographer and marriage officer with a cup each.

Print a label for a take away coffee cup. Fill a small bag with coffee beans and attach label saying ‘thanks for been here.’

Drift wood boats 
Another favourite of mine.  Collect enough drift wood to make one for each guest.  Drill small holes in the centre and insert a small stick or dowel rod. Cut sails from cloth matching your decor and attach to stick using small hooks.

You could also use these as table numbers or place names.


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