The anti glam squad

Yesterday morning I took one look at my mom bun and fashionista styled pj’s freshly stained in streaks of breakfast and sighed. 

I remember days of glam and diva perfection. Days where outfits were styled and accessories matched …..


….I’m lucky if I get my teeth brushed , hair done and face washed all at once. Showers are timed by the morning nap and my outfits areally subjected to stain of mass proportion. 

Make up ? Yes I used to wear that and paint my nails too . Now , my make up is mistaken for messy play material . My nail Polish was used as paint and if my hairs not up its yanked with tornado force.

Don’t get me wrong …I do take time to dress up but most days  I whip up that bun and mostly forget the makeup.

I don’t notice because the little man who has my undivided attention thinks I’m beautiful 😍


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