Papa and bears first fathers day

I’d been preparing for fathers day for what seemed like forever. While we don’t need just one day to love and appreciate our papa bear I really wanted his first fathers day with bear to be a day to remember. 

I sent my order through to my go to online shop – Give Thanks, and ordered 3 amazing gifts. 

A mug that says … Dad est.2016

Our mornings are always started with a warm cup of coffee and this is a gift papa can use every day.

A mouse pad with a photo of bear as a pirate so that papa can have bear close to him when he works.

A scatter cushion  with a photo of bear and a stunning fathers day poem. Why the cushion…because I knew that people would stop to read it. It can live on our bed and we can read those beautiful words daily.

I made my first biltong cake for papa and even I have to admit it came out looking amazing!

As Father’s day approached I went online and downloaded a poster to fill in for papa to remember how bear sees him at this age.

Next we collected the other bears and preperations began. Out came the card and glue  markets of all colours scattered our artistic areas.

I made a card from bear with a photo taken the week before at the wedding expo and Kiki me papa a card with such beautiful words inside. It made me tear up a little to know just how much respect and love my bears have for their future step papa.

Next we invaded the kitchen and got our bake on. Some chocolate  cupcakes with bronze rose water icing and a small mini cake with the word DAD emblased upon it.
I wrapped papas gifts in minion paper because bear loves the minions and added a special note on each present.

Then I added the final touch ….6 heart balloons…one for each of my bears and a fathers day banner.

1pm and the bears decended on our little home. Each with a huge smile and fathers day wishes.  TBear spoilt papa with a delicious new wine and wine cover.
Once everyone was settled we tucked into papas famous chicken ala king and followed it with bears favourite colour jelly. 

When all the giggles died down and the tummies were full it was time for all to leave to the if respective homes.

Later that might papa turned to me and said …”thank you for today. It was wonderful” 

And with a smile in my heart I ticked off my bucket list #701 make papas first fathers day with bear amazing !


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