Soul food 

There is something about rainy weather that brings out the chef in me.

I’m not sure if its the need for comfort foods , the need to nurture those I love or if I’m just hungry BUT whatever it is , i found myself barefoot, freezing and stirring every pot I owned today.

It started as a simple trip to the kitchen to make Pappa and I a cup of coffee….

Two hours later I’d made a smorgers board for breakfast of toast, assorted cold meat, cheeses and jams served with piping hot coffees.

On the stove a fusion of flavours wafted their way into the air and I sat back savouring the delicious tastes of chicken and mushroom soup, chicken stew rich in veggies and a yummolicious Durban curry.

Move over Nigela and get out of the kitchen Jamie …mamma bear donned her Apron and cooked up  a TASTE extravaganza.

This evening as pappa kept thanking me for the curry and bear asked for more stew I secretly added a notch to my good house keeping score chart …Only I seem to have forgotten its just the 3 of us until the other bears come visit and now we have food for 2 weeks . 😂😂😂😂


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