Hamleys train ride

We stepped up to the station at V & A , greeted by the friendly train conductors as they guided us to wait at the train stop guarded by the  wooden Hamleys guard.

Excitement mounted as I paid our R20 each for bears first train ride. It was only after we got home that I noted if we’d taken our tickets to the store inside we could have claimed our free button badges (guess which mamma saved her tickets for the next time we at V & A 😉?)

The polite conductors chatted away to bear, who by now knew something exciting was about to happen and was squealing in delight. After they helped me load my shopping,  fold my pram and pack it into the end coach, the conductor held bear so I could climb in the train. 

Kiddy music filled the air and I was transformed to a noddy story land awaiting our magical train ride.

I couldn’t resist asking the conductor to take a photo or seven to remember our experience.

With a toot of the horn we ambled through the V & A. Rickety sounds of train on cobbled path encompass the ambiance of this unique experience. 
Bear was a picture of delight as he squealed and waved screaming “elo” to all those we passed. Not once would he sit down . He chose to stand and hold on,  scared he would miss something along the way.

The train ride was the most comfortable , safe way to get an overall look at the V & A and just before it turned to head back to the station the driver made snake like patterns , tooting the horn and delighting all the kiddies ( and adults too) .
We ricketly made our way back to the station and I must say I was sorry to see the experience end. Bear loved every moment of the ride and it was well worth R20 each .
A huge well done to Hamleys for employing such helpful, polite staff.


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