National Donut day

Thursday was National Donut Day and I was eager to give bear his first donut. (Not that I like him having that much sugar ….but for one day it seemed acceptable )

Papa bear was sent on search to our local Dunkin Donuts. An hour later he reappeared with a yummolicious box of donut treats .

I chose the white lemon one as bear isn’t much of a chocolate fan.  Placed it on his ‘big boy ‘plate and served him at his table. 

He instinctively grabbed at the donut. Sticky white frosting sticking to his hands.

This made its way to his mouth, and as soon as he got one taste of the sticky morsel he grabbed that poor unsuspecting donut and tried to shove the whole thing in his mouth.

Thankfully there was more frosting on his hands and the floor than in his stomach. 😂😂😂


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