I went on a date today 

In my fancy outfit  I brushed and styled my hair, added a touch of make up and got ready to go on my first lunch date with an amazing young man.

My son

We started our time together with a stroll around V & A, and in true gentleman style he smiled and kept the conversation flowing. We enjoyed the sights around us and he even held my hand 😉

He posed for selfies , let me drool over shoes and gave me hundreds of slobbery  kisses along the way. 

We chose waffles , and again he demonstrated  his chivalry by allowing me to chose the restaurant and meal. (Ok so I may have chosen that Turkish delight waffle only thinking about myself #justsaying)

As he chompoed on a biltong stick, we shared the waffle, keeping the conversation light. Not once was he distracted from our time together and we giggled at all the funny things around us. 

I’m sure people around us thought I was hysterical as I spoke to my young man and we giggled, laughed and pulled tounges . Im sure others thought shame she needs  to eat alone, not noticing my company.  

But today I went on a date with a special young man and I am the richer for it . ❤


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