Bridezilla moments

As a mature woman in her 40s, and having walked the matrimonal road before,  I approached our engagement with a logical sense of realism. 

Nothing fancy, no over the top elaborate cliche wedding decor and no expensive ceremony with us on display. 

And then. …

My daughter, tagged me in a photo of a simple classy wedding scene set against the mountain backdrop.Metal gazebo draped with classic white linen , tied with ropes of white daisy and splattered with an occasional white rose here and there.  Sea spray raining gently as guests gaze into the cold blue ocean from their matching metal chairs adorned with silver sashes, joined with a single white daisy. The perfect setting to whisper the vows of love and in a moment of romantic weakness, i melted.

I could invision the  man of my dreams waiting for me ,in eagerness as i walked down an aisle of familiar faces to pledge my life to him. The ocean rising in applause as the mountain overlooked with her calm steadfastness. 

Immediately I called the venue and booked.  A bit distraught to discover they had a day wedding planned but I wanted this . And so , with my tiara straightened and the image of thousands of fairy lights added to my perfect place I booked an evening wedding.

November  in Cape Town brings late sunsets and warm evenings and we spoke of our vows been said as the Sun dipped her lazy head behind the horizon,  showering the sky in hues of autum flames. 

My romance-o-metre was hitting a 100 on the love scale and I threw myself into a googled frenzy of invites , cakes, dresses and decor. 

The next morning , a bundle of bridal excitement I could barely contain my joy as we spoke to the young man who with his invisible magic wand was turning my Cinderella story into a princess dream. 

And now the bridal planning could begin. ..

Until the co ordinator called. And before you could say “I do” she crushed my dream like a cockroach caught in a flytrap. I heard her echo the words ‘we dont do evening weddings ” in slow motion. Tears welled up , misting my eyes as the slowly crushed dreams of my heart gathered in the pit of my throat , tearing and ripping at my soul.

I heard her words,  they made no sense.  I had a venue booked for two days ….why now ? 

Our conversation passed in a negative haze as this creature on the other side of the phone kept talking . Black clouds descended as my waterfall of tears streamed through the last shards of my shattered dreams. 

And , then with a force unknown to me , i growled , the long forgotten frustrations of brides before me. I could no longer hear the feeble excuses of incompetence .  I didn’t understand the laws of reason.  And as the verbal onslaught threatened my bridal creation, like a protective mother with her young I found myself transformed .

Transformed into the fiery  furry of a bridezilla ….

I saw only my goal , wiped the tears of hurt frustration, raised my voice and with every inch of bridezilla diva control demanded my dream.

 I fought with furry for my Cinderella fairy tale, ready to bulldoze the powers that be who stood before the shards of my crushed dreams .

Slowly and protectivly , as if my very existance depended on it, i rebuilt my dream with one bridezilla  moment after the other.

And happily I can sit back , in the wake of my first bride war and as i gaze upon my glistening engagement ring , surrounded by bridal paraphernalia, and gloat. …

Bridezilla  1.    negative dream crushing  co-ordinatior 0 


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