When did motherhood become chore?

Today as papa and I walked through Century City, bear high in his papas arms squealing with delight as we ran a commentary by him of all the sights he saw, papa turned to me and said ” Look how misrible these young moms are” .

I thought maybe it was just the one mom. She did look very young. Baby was still very small, in his baby carrier and perhaps by mid day it had been a very long day and she was suffering from a lack of sleep. A scowl on her face as she balanced her Guchi bag and matching baby carrier.

Then we got in the elevator. A sweet little boy of about 4 sat in a trolley fill to the brim of clothing store bags and mom wore a baby about the same age as bear in her carrier. Baby stared straight ahead and as we told bear to say hi to the other baby mama glared back at us. Ok , so maybe she just found people greeting odd…..

As we got to the second floor I started looking out and very soon papa and I had pointed quite a few moms out.

They hard to miss…scowl on their face, baby attached to them like a fashion accessory as they go about their daily chores.

When did motherhood become a chore? 

Baby wearing defeats the point if you don’t engage with baby. He needs to see the smile on your face. He needs to be given the opportunity to view the wonderfully curious world around him. He needs to be spoken through his new experience. 

Aside from all this. …papa pointed out , what must the baby be feeling in the silent , misrible world, attached to a mom who needs to shop, can chat on her phone but can’t take the time to talk to and cuddle her baby in public?

I’m sorry mamas but you not baby wearing if you wear your child like a Guchi accessory. Your baby gains none of the nuturing love you think he’s getting if you don’t engage with him. He picks up your emotions and needs to feel safe, secure and loved.

His first 1000 days are the most important in his life. His growth and understanding is phanominal at this time. He relies on you to teach him about the sights, sounds and the smells he is processing.  He relies on your voice to comfort and guide him and mostly he relies on you to play with and entertain him. 
Motherhood shouldn’t be a chore.

It’s the greatest privilege we are given and we as moms should remember that. …

So if you one of those yuppy moms whose carrier matches her shoes and you strap baby in to continue your pre-baby life please , hate me and my opinion if you must , but whatever you do paste a smile on that face and engage with your baby !


Rose lights

I enviously looked at these lights and wanted them.  

Next I would deed how I could make them.

So easy …recycle your strand of Christmas lights by placing material roses over each light 🙄


The anti glam squad

Yesterday morning I took one look at my mom bun and fashionista styled pj’s freshly stained in streaks of breakfast and sighed. 

I remember days of glam and diva perfection. Days where outfits were styled and accessories matched …..


….I’m lucky if I get my teeth brushed , hair done and face washed all at once. Showers are timed by the morning nap and my outfits areally subjected to stain of mass proportion. 

Make up ? Yes I used to wear that and paint my nails too . Now , my make up is mistaken for messy play material . My nail Polish was used as paint and if my hairs not up its yanked with tornado force.

Don’t get me wrong …I do take time to dress up but most days  I whip up that bun and mostly forget the makeup.

I don’t notice because the little man who has my undivided attention thinks I’m beautiful 😍


Sea inspired bottles

These gorgeous bottles are a fun recycled craft that will brighten any room.

Paint the outside of your bottles with acrylic paint.

To make the necklace. String glass beads and attach shells or a star fish.

Great for a touch of summer to a room or for a table centre at a beach function.