When last did you play?

I see you gasp at me …you play daily with your child so how dare I ask this ?

You see today I played with bear …he didn’t play with me!

What’s the difference?

Normally I choose an area, activity or group of toys for bear to be busy with. Or I lead him to a choice of two items , dangling them before him till he chooses.

Often , during his playtime I’m distracted by my phone , emails , a visitor the door , thoughts of supper , blogs to write or some housework. So while I’m playing with him, I know I should focus on him more and try not to be distracted .

Today as we sat on the bed, I imitated  his movements. At first it was just to get him to wind down before his nap but soon I found myself giggling as hard as he was.

When he nodded his head, I nodded. If he clapped so did I and when he waved his arms he watched to see if I was copying him , squealing  with delight at the game he had just taught me.

We must have been playing for half an hour , before he giggled and squirmed into my arms planting a mushy wet slobbery kiss on my cheek.

So , mamma I’m asking ….when last did you play with your child?


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