Have Baby will travel 

We returned late Saturday from our 2 week road trip, exhausted and rejuvenated.

It is only when you travel by road that you are reminded of the beautiful country that we live in. Each province yielding its own Pandoras box of mysteries.

Bear travelled so well. He hardly moaned and seemed to enjoy sharing his back seat with mamma as I belted out the lyrics to far too many 80 songs and gave him a running commentary of the local scenery. 

My car performances leave much to be desired and I’m surprised papa and bear didn’t tell me to shush😂😂😂

living from suitcases, cooler boxes and the car proved an interesting experience and now that I know bear has inherited his mammas gypsy soul. ..I see many a future road  trip ahead.

As always the beauty of a road trip is in making memories, the people you meet and the experiences you encounter.  

I’ll be blogging our trip journal this  week , as one post is not nearly enough for our first road trip adventures. 

If I had to find one single  moment that stands out on our whole trip , it would most certainly be the suprise of bears dedication in KZN .

But sadly , as most things do , our trip has ended and its back to the real world.

Have a magical Monday mammas 👧


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