Activity board from print24 …. a review

Every parent wants to invest in a product that keeps their growing bear busy for longer than 3 months and if you like me it needs to be something that educates, entertains and contains a kiddy wow factor .

Well , this activity board from Print24 did all of that and more !

I was completely blown away when I opened the packaging and bear made a beeline for the board before I could even point it out to him. His chubby fingers finding a door latch whilst his little eyes watched the ticking clock.

A light weight double sided board that is sturdy enough for bear to lean and push against without it falling.

The one side is a white board with a small holder for markers. Perfect for drawing time and later homework sessions.

The other side is an array of working items , bright, bold and catchy enough to keep him busy for many years to come.

It contains 

  • a peek a boo box to hide little treasures to discover 
  • Counting rods that are magnetically fixed. Awesome for colour recognition,  Counting, maths sums, building, sequencing learning about length and arranging in sizes.
  • An abacus for math lessons, counting and for bear to spin and slide.
  • A set of 3 puzzles. Puzzle building skills help with cognitive learning. Bear is too small for these but as they aren’t fixed I can put them up for later and use these spaces to place my own items for discovery , like a mirror,spring or items following his schools weekly theme.
  • Bolt.. this will help little fingers learn to slide items and develop fine motor skills.
  • A computer keyboard. I love this touch. Our children are exposed to technology very early and they can learn to type , practice spelling , learn the alphabet and gain keyboard skills while playing. This keyboard works and can be attached to a pc so your child can see what they type.
  • Marble run.  Bear finds it fascinating to watch as we place the marbles in one end and they magically drop into the bucket. The sound of each marble ping has him giggling and its not only entertaining but teaches cause and effect as well.
  • Round tin containing marbles. Again here you can remove the marbles if your kiddy is too small and place your own item inside for them to view through the see- through lid. As they gain more skill they can also learn to remove the lid and then to place objects inside and take them out.
  • A clock. This is great for moms to keep an eye on bath time and to teach our little ones time. Bear was fascinated by the mechanisms going round and the quiet tick tocks.
  • Door latches are great for fine motor skills .
  • A lock with 3 keys …this will keep even the most active toddler busy as they try to find the right key to unlock . 
  • Number stickers 0 to 9 to help with early counting and number recognition.

Aside from being a product that will keep my almost toddler bear busy for hours i can also see this being something that grows with him over the years.

This truly is one of the best additions to our playroom. 

For more information or to order your own contact


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