This lucky mamma

Im really  bad with gifts and surprises,  often wanting to rather offer  few choices of what I like to my precious loved ones than to wait and be surprised.  So it was no shock when I picked out my gift for mothers day from bear.

We had bought a brag bag for his gran in December and I had been threatening to get one for myself, and when Give Thanks ran their Mothers day special I knew exactly what I wanted. 

A quick email and it was ordered. The proof was stunning and I couldn’t wait to get my bag,

A week later I saw the make up mirror and had to add that  in aswell,  this time choosing a different image.

I was not disappointed at all. The images are clear and catch your eye. Bear loves to see himself wherever we go and people stop me to compliment my bag.

Such special memories forever immortalised in every day products I can use . 

I really am a lucky mamma!

Thanks bear❤❤❤❤


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