Cape Gate Magnificent Moms breakfast

Tbear gifted me and her future mother in law a wonderful breakfast yesterday at the Cape Gate Magnificent Moms breakfast.  We seldom all get time to spend together and it was a wonderfully pampering morning full of spoils and giggles. 

We arrived to find women from all walks of life seated at the stylish tables adorned with fresh flowers and goodie bags. Each mom excited for a few moments alone without someone needing her and eager for the pampering to begin.

Torrador arranged breakfast cards for us to mark our preference and I chose their healthy muesli, after all one of us is still trying to loose the baby weight.

I wasn’t dissapointed…. yummoberrylicious! ! !

A quick peek in the goodie bag and we discovered it laden with beauty samples, treats and vouchers . Who doesn’t love a goodie bag ?😆

The event MC was Dieter Voigt, who had us in fits of giggles and his singer wife , Martelize entertained us with her beautiful voice.

Also on hand were cekebrity stylists, Andrea and Marilise to give us a run down on the latest winter trends, sorbet to spoil us with our nails and Revelon to do our make up,

Our breakfast was followed by a huge slice of the most moist cake from Limnos bakers accompanied by my favourite Lindt chocolate. ….so much for eating healthy 😉

 I thoroughly enjoyed my morning, the spoils  , the pampering,  the food and mostly the good company of my eldest child and her mother in law. 


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