Nice dinner ….what’s that? 

I totally identified with this  image when I came across it. 

Papa and I went to our local Spur (It always seems to be a Spur with kids lol) for a quiet Monday night meal. 

As we got out the car i realised bear was yanking on my dress so hard he has ripped a little, so slightly self conscious of this I walked into the Spur and sat down.

Before the baby chair arrived bear managed to drop his milk on my white dress. You would think after 7 kids I would know not to wear white …just saying !

When my cheader melt burger arrived I was now entertaining bear with his balloon , balancing him on one knee, shovelling food in with the right hand  and admiring (or cringing) at the huge hot chocolate stain on the bottom of my skirt.

Passing him back and forth to Papa hadn’t saved the state of my dress and had only added to the stains I now wore.

By the tine my cheesey sauce dribbled down to join the stain parade I was well and truly done with the idea of eating out and was contemplating living on toast served hurriedly just after bedtime for the next 5 years 😂😂😂😂


Maybe I’ll just wear camouflage clothing from now on 😆


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