Riebeek valley olive festival

We wound our way through the beautiful breath taking mountain scenery towards Riebeek Kasteel to experience the popular Riebeek valley olive festival.  

Excitement was high in the back seat at our mini road trip and even though it was just an hour’s drive from Cape Town , we packed snacks of biltong  and crisps.

we arrived in the small town of Riebeek kasteel and it was as if we were transported back into time. Old homes stared back at us as people lined the streets enjoying the days market and tractor rides.  The municipality and ticket office are opposite The Square and scream with old world charm. 

The first thing I noted was an antique art shop selling interesting bric brac and recycled  items.  

we collected our tickets and complimentary wine , which at 9am I have to say was not enjoyable.  I would  have preferred to use the wine ticket a long route a little later in the day.

With our passport/map in hand we explored the market at the square.

A huge Selection of foods , home made olive products and general items were on sale. We tasted our way through a rich fusion of delicious morsals leaving you wanting more. After buying far too many of our favourite olive and garlic treats we headed to find a treat for the kids.

Monkey and Kiki found some stunning jewellery and for bear we found a book stall and bought him some new stroller books.

Bear was totally intrigued by his first market , taking in each sound and new sight. He had a huge smile on his face for most of the day.

What caught my eye was the large mesh elephant decorated with greenery. Hay bales stood ready as chairs and the festive feel of the market was electrifying. 

Once we had finished exploring,  it was time to get a shuttle to the next stop. …


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