Playdough for mamma

I’m in love ….
Today I made my first fondant creation and I have to say I honestly think I’ve just found the latest medium for my creative moments.

I’ve always been slightly intimidated by the thought of working with fondant.  It loomed over my creative brain like a huge carrot dangling before me.

And so onto the bucket list went ….learn to work with fondant.

An advert on fb looking for people to assist making a little baby’s first birthday come true meant I was now baking. No baby should be denied a first birthday !

Call in best friend. We’ve been baking for a few orders so I broke out the fondant , found the right tools and set to work.

First I threw a little icing onto my plastic board and I started to work the fondant . 

My first thought was this feels like playdough .

I must admit I may have squished,squeezed and played with the fondant much longer than I needed to 😂 but I eventually cut a cute onsie out , added some fondant details and painted with a quick paste of food colour and rose water.
I was so impressed with my onsie for the special cupcake that I cut a few bottles for the top of the mini cupcakes.  

I even baked Monkey his 16th birthday cake and decorated by myself .

Here’s to many more adventurous creations ….


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