I meant to work but …

So much for public holidays my emails were piling up , I had unfinished marketing , reviews to write and blogs to catch up on. 

I wanted to clean the kitchen cupboards and vacuum the bedrooms .

Maybe get a fresh batch of biscuits done for Mothers day orders ..


Then reality set in …

Bear had other ideas.  How did I forget my sole purpose in life is as his jungle gym , slave and play pal 😂😂😂😂

In my defence I did try work but the blanket fort needed to be built and I had to be the hand for the dinosaur puppet.

Bear couldn’t chase his ball alone , and the dress up box was just begging us to pull out some outfits.

Then of course we needed to go to the shops , so we went for a walk in the pram. Be honest can you pass beautiful flowers?  Nope …nor could we. We stopped to smell them and see all the different colours.

The playground was so inviting , we just stayed for a while and when we got home we were tired so we read a story (or 3)

The clock said 1 pm so we still had plenty of time for mamma to do her work..

Bear napped for a few minutes and I quickly cleaned the house. When he woke we found the cars and aeroplanes …but it’s no fun playing alone so mamma pushed the cars. 

We sang as we cleaned and found the puzzles hiding ,sneakingly begging us to build them . But bear got bored so we tipped the toys onto the playroom floor and crawled around them as an obstacle course. 

Suddenly it was 4pm and bathtime. Huge splashy bubbles and mamma and bear had boat races while bear splashed the pink stained water half out the bath.

It’s 9pm now ..

I meant to work but…

I think I did something more important today …I played with my child 💖


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