Bears week in review

Monday saw the start of term 2 at our Moms and Babes classes. Bear has moved up to busy babes and was exhausted after a truly stimulating morning with his friends.

Tuesday he pulled on his baker suit and helped with some baking. He also dug into his dress up Box and became Dr Mac Gregor for the afternoon.

Wednesday we joined a group of mommy friends for a lovely lunch at Damhuis in Melkbos. Brear loved sharing treats with his friend Eric. I was very impressed with how child friendly Damhuis is. 

Thursday was Freedom day and we spent a quiet day together.  Bear enjoying the time with papa.

Friday bear tested his funny dummy from mommy naturebaltic amber teething necklaces. We got some very cute photos for our album and he kept taking the dummy out to look at his mustache.

Saturday we took bear shopping and he was very good. He loves to be out and about and is very friendly .we also collected his first months subscription bag from Smart toy club. He couldn’t wait to get home to dig in the bag and play with the new toys.

Sunday I decided to run bear a pink theme bath so used his Acorn kids red soap putty to colour the bath. I then gave him his pink and purple boats to play with. It smelt of strawberry marshmallow milkshake but bear was more interested in splashing lol.


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