fathers day ideas

Mothers day has bearly passed and Fathers day is upon us . Is it just me or does time seem to be flying by? 

If you like me, you at a loss as to what to give dad. Men seem so hard to buy for and often you don’t want to give another handmade artwork. (As adorable as they are)

Being Pappas first fathers day with bear I also wanted to make it something special….

Without revealing too much I turned to my favourite online site Give Thanks and after a quick browse of their products, I managed to choose 3 awesome gifts.

I love personalised gifts. They say I’m thinking of you and found something unique. I love Give Thanks  even more …I honestly just email my image with what I want , wait for the proof and invoice and am never dissapointed when I receive my items.

With that said, I cant wait for papa  to see what we had made for him ❤



5 fun button crafts

I always get nostalgic thinking of my grandmother’s button box . A huge old biscuit tin full of buttons of every kind. As a young girl this was my favourite treasure chest. 

So , if you have an old button box why not display the buttons in a fun easy craft?

Button tree canvas 

This is real simple. Paint a background. Use a black marker to draw on a tree silhouette and glue on button leaves.

Love heart canvas

In pencil draw your design and glue on red buttons all around to form the design.

Take flight wooden image 

Onto an old piece of woods glue buttons to form a hot air balloon. Hammer in nails and use embroidery tread to wind into a basket. Draw the words and glue string over .

photo frame 

Update an old frame by gluing bright buttons all over. A great activity for the kids.


Cover a piece of wood in Hessian, blue flower vurckes from material and felt , layering with buttons. Standard made by gluing green embroidery thread.

When last did you play?

I see you gasp at me …you play daily with your child so how dare I ask this ?

You see today I played with bear …he didn’t play with me!

What’s the difference?

Normally I choose an area, activity or group of toys for bear to be busy with. Or I lead him to a choice of two items , dangling them before him till he chooses.

Often , during his playtime I’m distracted by my phone , emails , a visitor the door , thoughts of supper , blogs to write or some housework. So while I’m playing with him, I know I should focus on him more and try not to be distracted .

Today as we sat on the bed, I imitated  his movements. At first it was just to get him to wind down before his nap but soon I found myself giggling as hard as he was.

When he nodded his head, I nodded. If he clapped so did I and when he waved his arms he watched to see if I was copying him , squealing  with delight at the game he had just taught me.

We must have been playing for half an hour , before he giggled and squirmed into my arms planting a mushy wet slobbery kiss on my cheek.

So , mamma I’m asking ….when last did you play with your child?