Aunties in our village.

Bear is very lucky to have some special aunties in his life.

Two ladies who over the years have become more like sisters than my friends.

The one is his godmother, aunty J and the other  his aunty P.

Both spoil him in love , affection and cuddles.

Both are equally as active in his life and he sees them often.

I look at their children and know that in this village bear is a lucky boy to have these aunties next to him on his journey.

It has always amazed me that both my best friends share a birthday . What doesn’t amaze me is the strength they show, the courage they wear, the love they share and the patience with which they raise their children. 

These are my tribe …they are the women , who in my absence will guide and love bear as I would. The women who support me and whom I value.

Mammas find your circles.  Attract your tribe. A strong network of support is invaluable in parenting.


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