They back …

As soon as I entered Pick n Pay today i was confronted with the amazing new world of South African animal collectors cards.

As an educator I love this easy , factual way to introduce animal facts to my children.

The kids themselves love to hear the animal sounds on the app and sound reader.

I’m sure most of you were tempted to add that extra item just to make up the R150 to get your cards and how many of us bought that flour we didn’t need of the brand we never use for …you guessed it more cards.

The kids had card swop at school, the mom’s started swopping them online, auction and freecycle social media sites were abuzz with mom’s needing just that one number. Even Pick n Pay arranged in store swop days.

And they back …this time with a collection of South African animals and facts.

I tried to stop myself ….but the collection bug bit and we have bears first cards for his collection.

#happy trading 


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