Soccer wives 

Papa bear loves soccer … like I love shopping. He could eat , breathe and live soccer . Those who read my soccer wives blog on planet mom know I don’t exactly share his love for the sport.

But, I do believe that in a relationship you need to support each other and share one another’s passions . How could I expect papa bear to support all my crazy ideas and passionate projects if I don’t show the same enthusiasm and support? 

So, it was with a lack of genuine enthusiasm that I took bear and kiki to watch papa bears first match of the season.

In 34 degree heat we sat on the autumn burnt sun of the field and watched as the players came to life.

I tried to cover bear in shade from his pram ( next game I’m taking a kiddies tent) and kept him busy with a bag full of toys. 

He had his Halo water to keep him rehydrate and was enjoying the fresh air totally oblivious to what was going on around him.

Until he spotted his papa chasing a ball …then bear shouted and garggled,  grabbing his ball obviously a little confused as to why papa wasn’t playing with him.

I think it was at that moment I realised my little bear will probably follow his papas footsteps and love the game so best this mamma just sucks it up and tries to understand the game .

I must admit though I saw the pride in papa bears eyes as he introduced his son to his team mates and I’m sure that same pride will emerge when bear plays his first match matter if that’s soccer or rugby.


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