Baking fun

I love to bake …I’m not always very good at it but from the most humble ingredients I’ve created a few yummolicious treats (quite a few disasters too but we not going to discuss those now are we ? 😂)

The older bears and I spent many hours in our kitchens as we travelled baking and cooking up a storm and this proud mamma can boast that all her bears cook better than her. Even Kiki at 13 is capable of cooking a roast from scratch (#homeschooling )

So it was no suprize when I bought Bear his chef apron and hat from Fancy That, that he would very soon follow suit and get messy in the kitchen.

He’s baked with me twice so far and painted his own easter biscuits…not bad going for 7 months. 😊

He loves to feel the biscuit dough ooze between his fingers and watches as mom cuts the biscuits. He has learnt to place the cutters on the dough , just as he does with the play dough. He can’t cut them yet though.

The bright colours of the icing are his favourites and he will make a grab for the icing bowl. It takes a quick hand to move it away from him fast enough.

I love kids in the kitchen ..And over the years have seen how cooking and baking help with maths, life skills, language development and vocabulary and confidence.

Today …break out that flour, throw in some eggs and cook up a storm with your kiddies mammas. 
Happy baking 


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