A boy at play

I’ve noticed a huge difference in the way bear plays all of a sudden. 


Instead of merely sitting back and watching us, waiting for us to introduce an activity or toy to him,  he is interacting in almost all activities around him. He wants to be a part of what we are doing from conversations to baking.


Oh my exhaustingness is he busy!!!!! Lol now that he has crawling down he darts off in all directions and is constantly busy. His play room is his favourite space as all activities are at his level so he can choose what he wants to play with.

Alone time

Before bear needed me around at all times. Now he is quite content to play for 10 t0 15 minutes with his toys alone in the cot or downstairs on the playmate while I busy myself around him.

Constant entertainment 

I find I’ve had to purchase new toys as he constantly needs to be entertained with the new things . Where before he was content to play now he wants to explore and find new items to discover.

I love watching bear play … to see the concentration on his face as he discovers new things and the determination  I see inhim trying to gain a new skill. 


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