My child will never …..

I recently met with a group of first time mommies and as a veteran mom , I can often sit back and giggle a little at the infamous “my child won’ts…” 

You know that imaginary list of items you’ve noted in other children that your kids will never do …well I’m just going to say scrap that idea now! 

Murphys law states if you believe your child won’t do it …they inevitably will.

In fact you may as well just roll up those sleeves and brace yourself because the ride you on is about to get messy, unpredictable and full of things you never thought you’d say or do.

Just this morning I heard myself say dont eat the keys, your nose is not a hole for crayons, can you please take your foot off my head, well that’s a nice colour poo….

And that was all before 7am

Even with the caffine loaded it doesn’t get any better.

There’s always conversations involving spit up and poo. Why? Because that’s what kids do ….and the messier the better.

They also always need the loo in a public place …must be a secret about public bathrooms we don’t know… and they will proberly have a poo nappy or need the loo two minutes before you need to rush out the door because you’re already 20 minutes late dressing junior.

At some stage they will all whine , fight, throw temper tantrums, hit , bite and growl a casual ‘I hate you’ as they storm off muttering about what terrible parents they have.

All toddler’s are selfish,  fussy and defiant …actually not much changes as they become teenagers either. (Just a heads up)

All children will at some stage blurt out a bad word, embarrass you and break something (just hope like me it’s not the neighbours window ….boys!)

You will discover mould growing or taking over a room, toys will invade your home , lego will become the bane of your existance ,

washing will be piled up and some days even sunlight can’t compete with the dish load. 

It sounds awful doesn’t it !

Of course your child will never….. (and here you can fill in the blanks)

But rest assured …they most likely will.

So, to all the mommies out there …stop judging your fellow mom’s or their kids. 

As mom’s we need to support one another and realise each and every one of us has a unique parenting journey .


One thought on “My child will never …..

  1. Janine says:

    We are all far too judgemental of each other,
    I agree with you that we should be supporting each other and sharing our experiences.

    Luv your blog


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