Mad hatter hats

If you find yourself tumbling into the wonderfully wacky world of a white rabbit high tea and are desperate search of a uniquely crazy hatter creation look no further.

These wonderland inspired hats are easy to make.

Purchase a glittery hat from your local party shop.

The white rabbit 

Cut ears from card. Paint a pink inner section and glue cotton wool to the outer section. Use a strong craft glue to attach to the hat. Make a clock from card and paper and glue on a large material bow.

Chesire cat 

Paint pink streaks onto the hat and make a black and white striped tail from card to glue on.

Queen of hearts

Make a small crown from yellow felt . Glue on . Paint or glue a black heart onto the red hat.


Glue a rose from felt onto the top. Or use a plastic flower.  Attach an orange ribbon around the hat and from white and blue cut the two shapes as in the picture to glue on.


For hatter place a purple band and a card sign.

And now to begin….may you enjoy a hatty party.


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