Penguin crafts

Here are penguin crafts to enjoy today…

Penguin foot print

On a piece of blue card print a black footprint. Let your child glue feathers on for the penguin. Add Google eyes and an orange beak. Put a few snow flakes in by printing blobs with cotton wool.

Paper plate penguin

Take 2 paper plates . Leave the body of one blank . Cut and paint black the ridge of the other as wings. Glue on.

For the head cut a white circle, paint the top black and add facial features. 

To finish add orange card feet and beak.

Shape penguins

These penguins are awesome to indroduce shapes to your children.

Cut black card in various shapes. Add white paper tummies and other details.

Penguin balloons

Paint white faces onto black balloons  glue on felt wings and add facial features.

Feed me penguin game

 Use an old card box. Paint a penguin onto the box and cut out the tummy.

You could use balla,  bean bags or cut felt fish to post into the box.

To enhance this game you could ask your child to feed the penguin only blue or red, etc. 


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