Bears week in review

It’s been a very busy week for Bear now that his mom has lost the crutches. 

Monday saw the start of our daily walks and Bear starts to giggle as soon as he sees the pram.

We took our first walk to   Reload coffee bar where bear enjoyed playing on their grassy children’s area and I enjoyed a good cup of their coffee.

Tuesday we took our first Uber ride to Parklands in search of baking items for a baking project wit his aunty P.  I wasn’t happy having bear sit on my lap and hope my email to their head office will prompt the start of  Uber cabs keeping car seats in the boot for babies. 

Wednesday Bear and I took a walk to see the flowers just outside one of the churches near us. He loves their bright colours and I had to stop him from picking them.

Thursday we took a walk to the Saint Lukes hospice. I like to support them by buying a few good books and nick nacks here and there. We walked away with a frozen banana desert maker that you will see us use in a future post and two new friends …BJ and Baby bop.

Friday was our mornings with mommy teddy bear picnic. We rushed over early to collect our special package from Amelia Lily Childrens boutique and grab a few essentials like balloons, paper plates and treats. 

Bear has become addicted to his little green bottle of Halo water and it goes everywhere with us.

Tbear popped around and we took him to see the geese at Driftwood cafe. I must say I was rather disturbed to have vagrants wandering in the restaurant grounds and as two women did not feel safe. We chose to move on and grab something to drink at the super chic Nicci and Lou cafe in Parklands. Stunning service and I fell in love with their wide variety of gift options.

Kiki came for the weekend so Bear had his favourite playmate. A quick supper at Ocean basket and it was way past a tired Bears bedtime.

Saturday saw Bear turn a whole 7 months old …he seems to be growing so quickly! Just yesterday he was a newborn bundle.

Bear attended his first soccer match as papa bear was playing. We dragged along his own little ball but he was much more interested in the swings and slides that Kiki took him on. In the 34 degree heat keeping him hydrated was my  main task and thankfully Bear loves water.


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