Zombie wobbles

The journey of 1000 steps to recovery of my leg and ankle seems to be an ongoing saga and 6 months post op I find myself resembling the lead cast in a zombie apocalypse. 

My gait swings and hobble shuffles.  I’ve only just regained some balance. I’m slower than a gereatric tortoise and have to carefully manoeuvre each step for fear of falling. 

On the plus side I no longer am weighed down by the heavy restraint of a moon boot and crutches are a thing of the past.

I’ve worked myself up , with daily walks to almost 3 hours of being on my feet and abut 2km in distance.

But, I pay for that dearly. … my kankle swells with the likeness of a puffy fish. Each tip of my toe right up to my knee feels the sharp pangs of muscles and veins being reminded to work once again.

Pain…yes ! Constant on going cramps , pulls and dull numbing pain.

I’m frustrated on a daily basis and while I’m so greatful to once again be able to carry my bear, take him for walks and introduce him to the wide wonderful world around him, I can’t wait to be back participating in the runs I love.


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