Stay at home mom diaries day 16 

Well I’ve officially been a wfhm for 16 glorious wonderful days.

As I watch bear discover the world around him I’m happier daily at my decision. 

I’ve ditched the crutches and so the 1000 steps to walking without my daily hobble shuffle hop begins.

We walking daily and bear loves his pram rides. 

In attempt to loose the baby weight , yip I’m trying , we collected my health walker the other day . Dusty and ditry from someone’s garage it’s come to motivate me ….um! I’m yet to use it . 😨

On the plus side I’m enjoying cleaning and getting my home back into order. 6 months of being immobile has done little for the state of dust amoung us. There are dust bunnies running rapid everywhere …sigh! 

I’ve caught up with good friends and managed 3 full productive work weeks . Truly feeling amazing at achieving so much in such a short time ….

#loving it 


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