For a little bear who hated tummy time bear is doing very well.

I so enjoy watching him try to crawl.  He has been moving himself from 3 months.

First he did a worm shuffle using his head as an achor and wriggling his body forward.

Next he learnt to lean down with his feet and push forward …unfortunately he forgot his arms needed to move as well. 

Soon he could move his arms out the way and wriggled until he got where he was going.

Next he learnt to throw himself forward and roll until he was in the desired spot.

Last week I saw how he places one leg to the side while on his knees.

And today he’s giving up on the knees all together and trying to move on his feet.

I think I find it more facinching as I understand and identify with his need to be mobile right now…learning to walk is not easy.

Especially not if you’ve only been on this earth for 6 months 


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