5 of our favourite bath time games

Bear loves water and can often be found enjoying a shower with pappa bear.

When it comes to bathing I try to make it as much fun as I do the rest of his day.

I start by choosing a time of the day that he isn’t too tired and it’s not too cold. 

It’s a lot easier now that I’m at home with him to bath him earlier. We bath him between 4 and 5pm.

He has a bath ring and is never left unattended. We also still use his bath lilo from Baby Legends, as he loves to lie on it to have his hair washed.

There are always bubbles , his favourite is the Acorn kids surfs up fun foam, and a bright colourful wash cloth.

These are 5 of our favourite bath games .

1. Toby tower bath crayons

Bear loves to draw and so enjoys drawing on the side of the bath with these. They make awesome face paints and often I will draw on his hands so he can see how the colours make patterns going onto his hand. 

2. Rubber duck hide and seek

Bear got two sets of rubber ducks on his nappy cake and he loves watching how they dissappear underneath the bubbles only to pop out again. We also hide them under the wash cloth and let him pull the cloth to find the masking duck.

3. shaving cream fish splash

I will spray my shaving cream or some of his Acorn kids kalidefoam into the water and we splat at it to make little “fishies” that I show him how to catch in his hands.

4. Make our own soaps

Acorn kids soap putty has to be one of my favourite bath products.  Bear loves play dough and this is his play dough in the bath. We spend time before his bath cutting a shape from one of the fruit scented colours for him to bath in. 

5. Boat races

 So mamma enjoys this one more 😂 we line up his boats and I show him how splashing next to them makes them move. He then kicks and splashes to make them move.

Enjoy your bathtimes mamma and share some of your favourite bath games with us.


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