Review …Giant Easter biscuit (With love catering)

Not everyone likes chocolate and a lot of parents look for alternatives over Easter. For us, bear is so little that too much chocolate is certainly not an option. The giant Easter Egg biscuit by Made with love catering caught my eye.

When Samantha let us know she’d posted the parcel we headed  to our local postnet eagerly awaiting these delicious looking morsels.

The first thing I noticed was the care and extra effort put into bears parcel. Covered in his favourite red and with a special message for his first Easter.

As I opened the box , bear gurgled with delight. His eyes growing in size as I removed his giant egg biscuit. 

He couldn’t wait for me to open his yummolicious treat.

I noted the perfect shape and precise detail on the icing. Each mark artistically crafted and “made with love

My bear sucked ferociously on his treat , enjoying every morsel and cried when I took it away. Lol

This mamma stole a small piece to taste … even after postage it was fresh and truthfully is one of the nicest biscuits ive had the pleasure of eating in a very long time.

It brought back memories of a warm winter kitchen, my grandmother and I baking biscuit treats for family.

Is there anything that tops home cooked treats?


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