Review …Easter decorating kit (with love catering)

We were delighted to open our special parcel from Made With Love Catering to discover an extra treat tucked away inside …..

The cutest, most adorable Easter cookie decorating kit.

Bear was facinated from the start and eagerly watched as I packed each item out. 

Clear instructions on the box told us how to use our cookie kit and I find it a novel idea , especially for older children.

The paint was iced onto a long biscuit palette and all we needed to do was wet the brush. 

We set to work , and I resisted the urge to paint the perfectly formed biscuits myself. 

I wet the brush and bear went to town making his creative mark. I have to admit he did an awesome job 😆

Before long the temptation was just too much and bear grabbed the biscuit paints and started sucking his way on the yummy biscuits. Lol . I couldn’t resist photographing the mess he made. 

Thank you Samantha …

Not only did you make the most delicious Easter biscuits but you gifted me with precious memories by sending bear this beautifully put together experience.

To order your own contact Samantha


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