Preventing mamma burnout

​Admit it , some days mammahood isnt excactly a walk in the park . It can often , to an exhausted , over committed mamma seem more like the scenes of Jurrasic park.

With the weight of daily obligations upon us , its easy to get caught up running after the needs of everyone other than ourselves.

Here are 5 ways to prevent mamma burnout…

1. Make a todo list

As a mamma bear our day can get extremely busy, very quickly. When you have a quiet moment with your morning coffee, write down what you need to do during the rest of the day. Seeing your tasks written down will make them more manageable, especially if you break the larger tasks into smaller segments.

Be realistic with your list and don’t be too hard on yourself when you don’t tick off everything. As you know life is never a quiet ride on the freeway , its more like bumper to bumper traffic on a highway. There is always tomorrow. 

Put urgent tasks at the top of your list, so you don’t forget to get these done.

 When you write up your list for the next day, transfer any uncompleted tasks from the previous day to the top of your new list, or you may end up never getting to that one chore you detest.

2. Learn to say NO

This may be a particularly daunting task to some. 

Start by practising saying no to the things around you that you find stressful, and start saying yes more often to the things that make you happy. 

Often people worry that by saying no, you risk the chance of upsetting someone or causing disappointment. But a healthy lifestyle involes looking after yourself and by constantly saying yes to things you dont want you will end uo dissapointed.
3. Get fresh air and exercise

Clear your head by going for a walk, doing exercise or meditating. The rush of endorphins after a workout will leave you feeling great, and will allow you to tackle your tasks with a fresh perspective.

4.  Breathe

Deep breathing can alleviate any anxious feeling you get when you are stressed.

When a stressful situation arises, sit up straight, relax your shoulders, close your eyes then inhale and exhale deeply. 

Continue breathing until you feel less stressed and more in control of your situation. 

5. Get enough sleep

Getting a good night’s rest is the best way to start a new day. 

Often us mamma bears lose sleep by trying to accomplish everything in one go and we know its easier when our bears are in bed .

But inconsistent sleeping patterns often lead to overall anxiety and stress.

By consistently getting enough sleep, you will be well rested and handle daily stressful situations with ease.


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