Bears week in review

With the start of the Easter holidays Bear was excited to have Monkey back from church camp and Kiki home for the holidays.

He loves his siblings and enjoys the time he spends with each one.

On Monday bears godmother took us to a quaint little farm in Durbanville and Bear was very amused by the alpaca. I could have spent all day on the farm. It reminded me of my older Bears and our many stays in small Karoo towns.

We celebrated National breakfast day in bed and I even set a little breakfast tray for Bear.

Now that Bear can sit completely alone and has this crawling thing down , he’s more mobile and enjoys his toys and play area. He loves his walker and scoots all over our tiny flat. His latest trick is to pull himself up onto things ….watch out world here comes a walker πŸ˜‚

He’s mastered saying hello.  Can wave good bye to Pappa bear and can now shake his head no when he doesn’t want something. He calls mam often and is trying out the word da around pappa bear.

I’ve made an indoor sandpit using his kinetic sand and he enjoyed using the sand tools to dig in the sand. I love kinetic sand … it must be one of the easiest products to clean up after.

Over the weekend Bear has refused his bottle except when sleeping and wants to drink out of our cups. It looks like we can soon wean our little boy right off the bottle.

I spent some time making Bear a busy board from an old pin board. For now I’ve just tied ribbons, bells and soft bath sponges but it keeps him busy.

We collected his gorgeous little chef outfit over the weekend and I justhink love how adorable he looks dressed up. Now to do some baking with him this week

Bear loves to draw and has mastered the art of holding a pen nicely. I enjoy watching his learming process and it was cute to see how he watched his hand curl around the pen before making the marks on his notebook.

On Friday we held our first mornings with mom play group and it was sweet to see how the two boys interacted. They gurgled to one another . This week’s theme was Easter and so we did bunny prints with their feet.

Bear is one of those rare babies who loves his car chair and smiles on his car adventyres.  As we dropped his brother and sister at their dad on Friday , bear grabbed Pappa bears hat and placed it on his head. Sometimes he’s just too adorable.πŸ’œ


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