Review …Little baker kit (fancy that)

When I saw the little baker kit advertised on Fancy that‘s Facebook page I just knew I had to have one for Bear.

Cute little pink bag with apron,  bakers hat and accessories. I quickly popped them an email asking if we could get a blue one for Bear .

A week later we collected Bears little baker set.  Every thing in Blue. The little chef hat has velcro attached at the back to adjust to Bears growing head. The apron ribbon is adjustable ensuring Bear will get at least 2 to 3 years use out of this item.

The little recipe book completes a set of pastry wheel and cookie cutters. 

I was so impressed with the bakers kit I couldn’t wait till we got home , I slipped it onto him when we were in the car waiting for papa bear šŸ˜‚ 

With the huge smile I got at home , Bear clearly loves his outfit aswell.

Look out for our cooking sessions ….after all we now need a reason to use our apron and hat šŸŽ‚


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