4 cute ways to recycle a plastic drink bottle.

Plastic is a really bad commodity to earth because of how long it takes to break down.

You can use these ideas to recycle your plastic drink bottles.

Bottle blower

Cut the bottom off  of a coldrink bottle. You will need to blow through the top part where the cap usually goes.

Mix a bibd solution onto a bowl. Dip the bottom end onto the bowl lift and blow .

It makes amazing bubbles.
Bird feeder

This easy bird feeder is made by filling a coldrink bottle with seed after you’ve poked holes and pushed 2 wooden spoons through.

Hang for our feathered friends to enjoy.
Piggy bank

Glue a piece of card around a bottle. Cut a slit at the top of the bottle. Attach card ears, nostrils and eyes.


For this you can use the bottom half of the bottles you cut for the blowers. Paint and glue on card bunny or bear faces. Poke holes and hang with strong. 

Use to hang plants or trinlet’s. 


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